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different materials fire sleeve, heat protection tubes, heat reflective sleeves, abrasion resistant sleeves, automotive heat shiels.
  • Fire Sleeves
    Fire Sleeves

    Fire sleeve is constructed from high bulk glass fiber sleeve coated with silicone rubber. Excellent modulus of elasticity makes it an excellent choice for bundling hoses, tubes and cables in a variety of hostile environments. We provide different type fire sleeves.

    Certifications for firesleeve:
    MSHA, -70 degree C Test, 260 degree C test, UL 1441, ROHS, REACH
    DIN EN45545-2:2020 Rail Certificateion
    DIN 45545 Low smoke toxicity
    DIN 54837/5510-2 Rail vehicle certificated for resistant to combustibility
    NF EN ISO 11925-2 (15 AND 30 SEC)
    TB/T 3138-2018 Technical specification of flame retardant materials for railway locomotive and vehicle

  • Heat Reflective Sleeves
    Heat Reflective Sleeves
    Anhui Parker New material Co.,ltd making different type heat reflective sleeves, like tube heat reflective sleeve, velcro heat reflective sleeve, sewn heat reflective sleeve, self-wrapped aluminum foil fiberglass sleeve, custom style heat reflective sleeve mat, Adhesive backed aluminum fiberglass sleeves.
  • Heat Protection Tubes
    Heat Protection Tubes
    Heat protection tubes are flexible tubes made by wrapping different material combinations for heat protection. Two or more layers per tube Material: aluminium, stainless steel, coated glass-fibre, PET-Fleece, paper, insulation material. Diameter ID 6mm to 150mm, length 30mm to 50m.
  • Abrasion Resistant Sleeves
    Abrasion Resistant Sleeves
    Anhui Parker New Material Co.,Ltd making different materials abrasion resistant sleeves, like nylon hose sleeve, polyester hose textile sleeve, polypropylene hose guard, PET braided sleeve, V0 PET expandable sleeve, self wrapped PET sleeve.
  • other High Temp Products
    other High Temp Products
    Anhui Parker New Material Co.,Ltd is making different heat protection products, high temperature tape, high temperature sleeve, high temperature fabrics, removable insulation blanket jacket, high temperature wool, high temperature sewn thread, fire blanket.
  • Automotive Heat Shields
    Automotive Heat Shields
    Anhui Parker New material Co.,Ltd is a factory who are making different heat shield racing products, like exhaust wrap, heat shield sleeve, heat shield tape, heat barrier, aluminum heat shield, stainless steel heat shield, turbo blanket, exhaust pipe heat shield and other heat control products.
profesional factory for fire sleeve, heat reflective sleeves, heat protection tubes, automotive heat shields, and other heat protection products.
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Anhui Parker New Material Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier from China for a wide range thermal protection products and solution for our customers. The Company was founded in 2012 in the city of Ningguo City, Anhui Province, in China, about 4 hours from Shanghai. This city is an important district for auto-parts products, so the natural place to develop our range of products, often related with automotive industry. We export our products in over 25 countries around the World,  for example in Germany, Japan, Usa, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia, India, Middle East and so on. About 50% of our turnover is made in Overseas Market. Our key products are: fire sleeve hose protector, aluminum foil fiberglass sleeves, different materials heat protection tubes, custom size insulation jacket / blanket, then we have in our portfolio of products tapes in different material (silica, basalt, carbon, fiberglass, ceramic and so on),  fabrics as well in different material (fiberglass, carbon, basalt, silica, ceramic, aramid and so on), ropes for different temperatures and applications. Developed specially for automotive we have the exhaust wraps, heat shields and turbo blanket. Our main factory located in Ningguo covers a space of  about 4000 Sqm, we have 10 generation vertical coating line machines to produce our fire sleeves, and we have about 50 workers for production line, warehouse and  5 people in our R&D department. The others products are developed by our R&D team and  made through a strong network of partners in China. Our goal is to establish long term cooperation with some  leading players in this field, to be their new potential partner,  offering stable quality, good service, flexibility and reasonable prices. We hope to have chance to cooperate with you, and we want to provide the best thermal and protection solution for our customers. Best Regards Anhui Parker New Material Co.,Ltd TEAM
Work around the World
Anhui Parker New Material Co.,Ltd is a profesional company of different high temperature protection products.
Work around the World
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Hot Products
profesional factory for fire sleeve, heat reflective sleeves, heat protection tubes, automotive heat shields, and other heat protection products.
  • pyrojacket fire sleeve
    High Temperature Hose Sleeve Firesleeve
    EFRS High Temperature Hose Sleeve Firesleeve is made by fiberglass braided coated with silicone rubber. It is standard fire sleeve used to protect hoses, wires, lines, cables.
  • Die-cut heat barrier
    Die-cut Heat Reflective Materials
    OEM Laminated Die-Cut Heat Shields made by aluminum, fiberglass, with or without adhesive.
  • Hose Guards
    Hose Guards Nylon Protective Hose Sleeve
    Designed to provide excellent abrasion protection, this nylon textile sleeve is used to prevent wear on hydraulic/oil lines, rubber hoses, pipes and cabling.
  • Heat Reflective Sleeve
    Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Heat Reflective Sleeve
    ALFS Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Heat Reflective Sleeve is a tubular shaped product that combines the protection of bonded aluminum and fiberglass into a single solution that is able to reflect radiant heat away from the sensitive contents inside the tube. 
  • heat insulation tube
    APK Warm Air Ducting Tube
    APK warm air ducting tube is for warm air and is often used for heater inlets and outlets. It is bendable and pliable, and can be cut to order by metre. It is standard for installations in boats and caravans.
  • silica cloth blankets
    96% High Temp Silica Fabric
    SIF-XT 96% High Temp Silica Fabric have many uses ranging from welding to metal cutting applications, and can be used to make removalble insulation blankets. Silica fabrics are a flexible fabric.
  • Woven Silica Tape with PSA
    High Temperature Silica Tape with PSA
    High Temperature Silica Tape with PSA is a slit silica tape constructed from 96% pure SiO2 silica fiber, coated one side with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing that facilitates installation. Used to protect the hose, cable or pipe.
  • Texturized Fiberglass Cloth
    Texturized Fiberglass Fabric
    High temp Texturized Fiberglass Fabric made by special texturized glass fibre. The textured yarns gives the cloth an improved weave integrity and abrasion resistance. An additional heat cleaning process burns of access seizing or dust and purifies the fabric.
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heat, flame, fire, thermal & abrasion protection products fiberglass, basalt, silica, ceramic, kevlar, nylon, pet, pp, stainless steel, silicone rubber, ptfe, aluminum, pu etc materials
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