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  • Basalt Exhaust Insulation Sleeves
    Basalt Exhaust Insulation Sleeves May 26, 2020
    Withstands operating temperature up to +650°C (+1202°F) Peak temperature +750°C (+1382°F) Excellent thermal insulation – reduces radiant heat approx. 50% 3mm extra thick material, heavy duty ABSORBS heat, yet woven design allows hot components to cool-down Impervious to moisture Extremely flexible at all temperatures - conforms to component Low profile & lightweight Perfect for heat control over sidepipes, turbo down-pipes, or ANY pipes undercar Heat control for racing applications Basalt exhaust insulation sleeves provide excellent thermal protection and possess outstanding characteristics making them ideal for use in vehicle exhausts systems. Exhaust insulation sleeves are designed to help keep exhaust gases as hot as possible as they flow through the exhaust to catalytic converters, this increases burn efficiency and helps to reduce emissions. ID     10-120 mm Thickness    3mm
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  • Custom removable insulation blankets
    Custom removable insulation blankets May 05, 2020
    Removable and reusable insulation blankets and pads are custom designed and fabricated for each individual item. Removable blanket insulation wraps around hot water pipes and equipment to keep systems warm. They reduce energy costs, safeguard workers, maintain temperatures, and reduce system noise. To fit your needs, our custom blankets and pads are made using a wide variety of cloths, insulation materials, and closure systems, which can handle temperatures up to 2300°F. All removable insulation blankets will be fabricated in house from design drawings or field measurements. Removable insulation blankets can be divided into 3 main components: The outer layer designed to shield and protect the insulation from the environment in which it finds itself. The middle layer insulation mat thickness from 1/2" to 4" which provides the actual heat containment. Different thickness depending on the amount of heat reduction the application requires. The inner liner helps to keep the insulation mat in place and may also act as a barrier to protect the insulation mat from high heat. The materials we use silicone coated fiberglass fabric fiberglass fabric heat treated fiberglass fabric PTFE coated fiberglass fabric aluminized fiberglass fabric vermiculite fiberglass fabric silica fabric basalt fabric ceramic fanric fiberglass wool ceramic wool silica wool basalt wool stainless steel Fastening system Stainless steel lacing wire Straps Springs Snaps Velcro Application Pumps Valves Furnace Exhaust Expansion Joint etc
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  • High Temperature Resistant Woven Silica Fabric
    High Temperature Resistant Woven Silica Fabric Feb 27, 2020
    There is 2 size silica fabric. SIF Silica Fiber cloth a high temperature fabric which is made by 70% +/-5% silica fibers and can almost cover most of industrial demands for temperature resistance, and with perfect tensile strength and abrasion resistant property. SIF-EX high temp silica fabric is made by minimum 96% SiO₂ silicon dioxide content, continuous resistant 1000 degree C. It is used to industry heat protection. Item Products Standard Width cm Working Temp ℃ Thickness mm Weight g/m² Silica content 1 Silica fabric 92 1000 0.3 300 >96% 2 Silica fabric 92 1000 0.75 612 >96% 3 Silica fabric 100 1000 0.75 612 >96% 4 Silica fabric 130 1000 0.75 612 >96% 5 Silica fabric 100 1000 1.0 880 >96% 6 Silica fabric 92 1000 1.35 1100 >96% 7 Silica fabric 100 1000 1.35 1100 >96% 8 Silica fabric 92 1000 1.4 1200 >96% 9 Silica fabric 92 800 0.75 600 70%±5% 10 Silica fabric 100 800 0.75 700 70%±5% 11 Silica fabric 152 800 0.85 700 70%±5% 12 Silica fabric 92 800 1.35 1100 70%±5% 13 Silica fabric 100 800 1.4 1200 70%±5% 14 Silica fabric 152 800 1.4 1200 70%±5% 15 Silica fabric 92 1000 2.0 1450 >96% 16 Silica fabric 100 1000 2.0 1450 >96% 17 Silica fabric 92 1000 3.0 1750 >96%
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  • Different Aluminized Heat Protection Sleeve
    Different Aluminized Heat Protection Sleeve Sep 25, 2019
    Anhui Parker New Material  Co.,Ltd makes different style heat reflective aluminized heat protection sleeves. High temperature, heat resistant and radiant aluminized heat protection sleeves can be used to protect industrial wires, cables, hoses, piping and tubing from radiant heat sources such as glowing steel slab, liquid metal pour stream, infrared heaters and other similar sources.  This type of sleeve is also popular for automotive wiring protection under-hood. Aluminum coated fiberglass sleeve Vlecro Aluminum Fiberglass or Aramid Sleeve Sewn Aluminum Fiberglass or Aramid Sleeve Die-cut Aluminized Heat Reflective Sleeve or Mat Corrugated Heat Shield Tube Aluminim Fiberglass Split Sleeve Heat Rerflective Sleeve with Snap Adhesive Backed Heat Reflective Sleeve
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  • Removable insulation blanket factory
    Removable insulation blanket factory Sep 03, 2019
    A removable insulation blanket is a cover made from layers of thermal insulation materials that is fastened onto a mechanical component to maximize its efficiency, regulate its temperature, and improve workplace safety. Using such blankets ensures that the covered component is easily accessible and serviceable, unlike traditional stay-in-place insulation. ---from Wikipedia We use different materials to make the removable insulation blanket The fabric Silicone fiberglass fabric, PTFE fiberglass fabric, aluminum foil fiberglass fabric, vermiculite fiberglass fabric, fiberglass fabric, silica fabric, silicone silica fabric, vermiculite silica fabric, ceramic fabric, basalt fiber fabric. The insulation wool Fiberglass insulation blanket, ceramic insulation blanket, silica insulation blanket The thread Fiberglass sewing thread, fiberglass + SS wire sewing thread, stainless steel sewn thread, aramid sewing thread, aramid + SS wire sewing thread
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