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Aluminum Radiant Heat Shield

Aluminum Radiant Heat Shield consists of a 1/4" thick ceramic inner pad sandwiched between heavy duty foil and bound together with a stainless steel mesh at the edges. The mesh binded edges allow for greater flexibility and a more rugged shield. 
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Aluminum radiant heat shield is made by heavy duty aluminum and ceramic with a stainless steel mesh at the edges. Use the cable ties and stainless steel wire to install.


Withstands 1100 Deg F Continuous Radiant
Withstands 500 Deg F Direct Contact


Used on air boxes, electrical boxes and air conditioning components or is used to shield radiant heat from catalytic converters, mufflers and DPF, and on the bottom of the floorpans.


Material Aluminum, ceramic
Continuous Temperature 1100 °F
Melt Temperature 2000 °F
Standard Color Silver
Package Plastic Bag
Cutting Tools Scissors

Part Number Description
790507 5" × 7"
790614 6"  x 14"
791420 14" × 20"


Special size and color upon request.


Inferno ShieldRadiant Heat ShieldHeatshield Thermaflect Shield

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    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!