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Protective Nylon Hose Sleeve With Velcro

This Protective Nylon Hose Sleeve With Velcro offers great abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and temperature resistance. With the Velcro application, this product is widely used for bundling or binding of wires, hydraulic hoses, tubing and more.
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    500m each size
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    Shanghai, Ningbo
Product Detail

Products Description:

VNPS nylon protective sleeve with velcro is made by nylon multifilament. The Velcro hook and loop closure allows for easy installation on hoses and cables that cannot be removed to add a continuous sleeve. Also allows for easy retrofit, inspection or replacement.


It is used to protect people, environment and machinery against any possible hydraulic hose oil leakage or spill.   
The tight woven construction can provide excellent abrasion resistance and high degree of burst resistance.


It is widely used to protect hydraulic pipes, rubber hose ,plastic pipes, wire harness from damage, this kind of sleeve can also be used in industrial and construction fields where outstanding hose productions are needed.


Part number Inside Diameter Thickness Meter for spool
mm mm meter
VNPS-21 21 1 50
VNPS-27 27 1 50
VNPS-34 34 1 50
VNPS-40 40 1 50
VNPS-46 46 1 50
VNPS-52 52 1 50
VNPS-62 62 1 50
VNPS-80 80 1 50
VNPS-100 100 1 50
VNPS-115 115 1 50
VNPS-30 20 1.5 50
VNPS-21.75 21.75 1.5 50
VNPS-24 24 1.5 50
VNPS-28.1 28.1 1.5 50
VNPS-32.2 32.2 1.5 50
VNPS-34.9 34.9 1.5 50
VNPS-37.7 37.7 1.5 50
VNPS-41.6 41.6 1.5 50
VNPS-45.1 45.1 1.5 50
VNPS-47.2 47.2 1.5 50
VNPS-53.5 53.5 1.5 50
VNPS-56.1 56.1 1.5 50
VNPS-61.4 61.4 1.5 50
VNPS-67 67 1.5 50
VNPS-76 76 1.5 50
VNPS-82.2 82.2 1.5 50
VNPS-86.8 86.8 1.5 50
VNPS-98 98 1.5 50
VNPS-108 108 1.5 50
VNPS-110.7 110.7 1.5 50
VNPS-124.9 124.9 1.5 50
VNPS-139 139 1.5 50

Technical Datasheet
Material Nylon
Working temperature -60 - +160
Flammability VW-1
Melting point +260
Standard Color Black
Standard Thickness 1 mm
MOQ 500 meter each size
Cutting tool Scissors

Special color upon request.
Special size, length, package upon request.
Customs LOGO upon request.


Velcro Hose SleevesHydraulic Hose Wrap SleeveHose Guard Protection

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leave a message

    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!