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Semi Rigid Aluminum Embossed Heat Shield

Semi Rigid Aluminum Embossed Heat Shield not only provide great thermal protection, but also serve as a shield against stone impingement and track debris. The aluminum heat shield consists of two layers of embossed aluminum, middle side is a non-woven ceramic core. 
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Semi Rigid Aluminum Embossed Heat Shield is an extreme high temperature shield, the material is aluminum with ceramic.

It can be bent, foled and twisted to from a custom shape. The Shield is highly flexible and can be easily mounted utilizing rivets or grommets.


Withstands 500°F continuous / 2000°F intermittent heat


Used on Fire wall, turbos, DPF, floorpan.


Material Aluminum, ceramic
Continuous Temperature 900 °F
Melt Temperature 2200 °F
Standard Color Silver
Package Plastic Bag
Cutting Tools Scissors

Part Number Description
810614 6" × 14"


Custom size upon request.


Aluminium Exhaust Shield Panel

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    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!