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Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabric

Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabric is fiberglass cloth conducted with heat treatment. The high heat burns the sizing and other organic elements in the fabrics which made heat treated fiberglass fabric smoke-free during its application.
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    300m each size
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    Gold yellow
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    Shanghai, Ningbo
Product Detail

Heat Treated fiberglass fabric & cloth made by fiberglass and then after high temperature heat treated. It is always used in the places where no smocks allowed. Heat treatment to burn out organic i.e. starch or silane on fabric. 


Available with different coating, aluminum foil, aluminum film, silicone, PTFE, vermiculite, neoprene, PSA, heat treated, colored dye.


This cloth often used to fabricate insulated equipment covers, welding curtains and blankets.


Part NO. Fiberglass Weight Thickness Width Length
oz/yard g/mtr inch mm Inch cm yard meter
FGF-HT-0.43 Filament 12.647 430  0.0169 0.43  40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-0.6 Filament 17.647 600  0.0394 0.60  40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-0.8 Filament 25 850  0.0315 0.80  40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-0.8T Texturized 17.647 600  0.0315 0.80  40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-1 Texturized 23.53 800  0.0394 1.00  40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-1.5 Texturized 29.412 1000  0.0591 1.50  40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-2 Texturized 38.235 1300  0.0787 2 40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-2.5 Texturized 47.059 1600  0.0984 2.5 40  100  54.70  50 
FGF-HT-3 Texturized 52.941 1800 0.1181 3 40  100  54.70  50 

Technical Datasheet
Material Fiberglass
Working temperature -40 - +260
Flammability VW-1
Melting point +550
Standard Color Nature
Standard Thickness 0.8 mm
MOQ 50 meter each size
Cutting tool Scissors

Special thickness upon request
Special length or packing upon request.


Heat treated Fiberglass Fabric HT800

Heat Treated Glass Fibre ClothHeat Treated Fiberglass Cloth Fabric

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    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!