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Hose Protector Fiberglass Braided Sleeve

Discover ultimate hose protection with our High-Temperature Fiberglass Braided Sleeve. Engineered for extreme conditions, this sleeve ensures cable safety and thermal insulation. Withstand temperatures up to 932°F/500°C, offering flame resistance and chemical durability. Its flexibility and user-friendly design make it ideal for various industrial applications. Prioritize personnel safety, enhance equipment performance, and extend hose lifespan. Available in sizes 0.4'' to 6.0'', with optional silicone rubber coating for added resilience. Elevate your industrial safety standards with our advanced braided sleeve.
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Product Detail
Introducing our High-Temperature Hose Protector Fiberglass Braided Sleeve, a cutting-edge solution engineered for superior cable safety and thermal insulation in demanding industrial environments. Crafted from asbestos-free, textured fiberglass yarns, this sleeve sets a new standard in heat resistance, durability, and versatility.

Key Features:

Extreme Temperature Resistance:
Withstanding constant high-temperature exposure up to 932°F/500°C, this braided sleeve ensures reliable protection for hoses and cables in the most heat-intensive applications.

Flame Retardant Properties:
The sleeve is inherently flame-resistant, providing an essential layer of safety in environments where sparks or flames are present, contributing to overall workplace safety.

Chemical Durability:
Resistant to oils, alkalis, bleaches, and solvents, this fiberglass braided sleeve demonstrates exceptional chemical durability, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse industrial settings.

Flexible and Comfortable:
Engineered for versatility and ease of use, this braided sleeve is exceptionally flexible, accommodating hoses and cables of various sizes. Its user-friendly design ensures practical and efficient installation.

Personnel Safety:
Serving as a protective barrier, this sleeve enhances personnel safety by preventing accidental contact with high-temperature surfaces. It contributes to a secure working environment, prioritizing the well-being of personnel.

Thermal Insulation Excellence:
Designed for thermal insulation, the sleeve minimizes heat transfer, making it an ideal solution for applications where temperature control is crucial for optimal equipment performance.

Size Range and Customization:
Available in diameters ranging from 0.4'' up to 6.0'', our braided sleeve offers a wide size range to accommodate various hose and cable configurations. Customization options ensure a tailored solution for specific industrial needs.

Optional Silicone Rubber Coating:
Enhance the sleeve's durability with an optional silicone rubber coating. This coating provides added protection against environmental factors and abrasion, extending the sleeve's lifespan.

Industrial Cable Safety
Thermal Insulation for Hoses and Tubes
Personnel Safety in High-Temperature Environments

Elevate your industrial safety standards with our High-Temperature Hose Protector Fiberglass Braided Sleeve. Engineered for performance, durability, and versatility, it stands as a reliable solution for critical applications in extreme conditions.
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    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!