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Fiberglass Square Braided Rope

Fiberglass square braided rope, texturized and firm square braid structure, high temperature 1000 degree F insulation gasket seal, oven boiler process tank.
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    200m each size
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    Shanghai, Ningbo
Product Detail

SFGR Fiberglass Square Braided Rope is made by high quality fiberglass, it is always used as a square dry packing.


Firm square braid structure
Heat, spark and flame resistant, temperature rating 1000°F
Chemical resistant, pH Range 2-12
Low thermal conductivity
High tensile strength, no stretch or shrink
High dielectric strength


It is suitable for filling and stopping expansion joints between boilers and masonry or brickwork, also insulation for heating pipes.


Part Number Diameter Weight Meter for spool
mm g/m Meter
SFGR-6 6X6 40 100
SFGR-8 8X8 70 100
SFGR-10 10X10 105 100
SFGR-12 12X12 160 50
SFGR-15 15X15 225 50
SFGR-18 18X18 325 50
SFGR-20 20X20 400 50
SFGR-25 25X25 625 30
SFGR-30 30X30 810 30
SFGR-32 32X32 970 20
SFGR-35 35X35 1100 20
SFGR-38 38X38 1300 15
SFGR-40 40X40 1440 15
SFGR-45 45X45 2000 10
SFGR-50 50X50 2300 10

Technical Datasheet
Material Fiberglass
Working temperature -40 - +260
Flammability VW-1
Melting point +537
Standard Color White
MOQ 300 meter each size
Cutting tool Scissors


Special size upon request
Special length or packing upon request.


fiberglass rope packing

fiberglass rope insulation

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    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!