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Silica Emergency Fire Extinguishing Blanket

Silica Emergency Fire Extinguishing Blanket Made from Silica Cloth for Camping, Grilling, Kitchen Safety, Car & Fireplace. There is different thickness, 0.7mm, 1.3mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm. Suitable for use at 1800°F (982°C), and able to withstand short term exposure up to 3000°F (1650°C).
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    Shanghai, Ningbo
Product Detail

FWB-SI Silica Emergency Fire Extinguishing Blanket made by silica tan colored fabrics, the blankets are soft and pliable with a good “hand” and conform easily to any covered object. They can handle constant temperatures to 1800 degrees F, excursions to 2500 degrees and won’t melt until 3000 degrees. These blankets are the professional’s choice for severe welding applications involving extremes in heat, slag, welding sparks and molten metal splash.

These materials are standard fire blankets


Silica Fiber

Ceramic Fiber

Silicone Fiberglass

Aluminum Fiberglass

Silicone Silica

Aluminum Silica

Carbon felt


Protects against sparks, spatter, and slag
Temperature rating: 1800oF (melting temperature 3000oF)
Weight: 18 oz/yd, 36 oz/sy
Thickness: 0.75mm, 1.3mm
With/without grommeted
Available in multiple standard sizes, custom, and rolls
Recommended for stress relief


The fire welding blankets provide excellent protection from grinding or welding sparks, slag and drops of molten metal. This blankets offer a wide range of blankets with different characteristics and in many different sizes. This product is intended to provide partial protection during light duty welding and grinding jobs. This blanket is a must-own for anyone who welds in their shop or garage.


Standard size have 3‘*3’, 4'*6', 6'*6', 6'*8, 8'*8', other size upon request.

Available in multiple standard sizes, custom, and rolls

Special size and special design, special materials, special package upon request.

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    If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!